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Leveling Up Your Career – Ep 017

What is the difference between a Junior, Mid-level, and Senior developer?  How do you navigate your career to move through these levels?  The Dev Coaches sit down and discuss this topic on episode 17. Read More
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Episode 016 – Analysis Paralysis

Why do developers have such a hard time making decisions?  What is this thing called analysis paralysis?  The Dev Coaches tackle these topics in episode 16. Read More
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Episode 015 – Women in Tech

In this episode, Dave, Sarah, & Victor are joined by Austyn Hill, Alan Galloway, Pat Toner, Morgan Willis and Matt LoPiccolo.  With some of the awesome women in tech right here in the studio tonight,... Read More
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Episode 014 – Technology Trends in the Future

Dave, Sarah, and Victor are joined by Pat Toner and Matt LoPiccolo to discuss future trends in technology.  It’s an interesting conversation ranging from Augmented Reality and Amazon’s new automated shopping experience, to Voice Command,... Read More

New Initiatives Coming Soon from DevCoaches

  More than Just a Podcast Podcasting may be where we started, but Dev Coaches is much more than just that.  We enjoy getting behind the microphone to share our collective experiences in the software... Read More

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